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Pedal boats as a solution to beach holidays during Covid 19

Pedal boats as a solution to beach holidays during Covid 19

For all of us, summer has always coincided with beach holidays, lazy days at the lake or outdoors sports. The walks, the naps under an umbrella and the dives to the sea from the pedalboat.
We all wonder if we can go to the beach and above all how it will be. A few days ago, someone promoted Plexiglas cubicles for beaches. A vision very distant from the idea that we associate with a beach holiday. And, neglecting the more poetic side of vacation, a very expensive idea for beach resorts.
There is the rush to the new, to the eccentric idea and ​​technicalities.
As often happens, in times of crisis, the best solutions come from the past. Why not give a new connotation to something you already have?
Let's start from an old Italian hit of the 80s that goes like this: A summer at the beach, the desire to row, take a swim offshore, to see the umbrellas from far, far away ...
Seeing umbrellas from afar, perhaps sitting on a pedal boat. Your own happy island. Far from the beach, from the limitations given by personal protective devices and social distance.
Beach and rental owners could place anchors in the water and thus allow bathers to relax calmly.
The versatility of the pedal boat offers the possibility to satisfy many needs.
Sun canopies as an alternative to an umbrella. Slides for the more adventurous and deck chairs for comfort.
In our catalogue you will find all the information for accessories and models
The new doesn't always have to be better. Often the solution is already within our reach ... or rather, on our shore!
 Tradition and innovation!
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